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Scholarship program for Bhikku Students from monasteries, Seelamathas & lay students enrolled in Piriven educational institutions.

Scholarship program jointly awarded by the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission and the President's Fund for the students who are studing Information and Communication Technology as a subject for the G.C.E. (Advanced Level) Examination 2024/2025

Recommended List of Scholarships offered by the President's Fund for the students studying G.C.E. A/L Examination
based on the results of the G.C.E O/L examination held in the year 2022 (2023)

Presidential Scholarship Programme awarded by the President’s Fund

for the Students of Grade 1 to Grade 11 with Financial Difficulties

for Educational Purposes – 2024/2025

A scholarship programme for the competent students on academic and co-curricular activities, covering all the schools islandwide is to be implemented by the President’s Fund according to the concept of the Honorable President. Applications are invited from those who have fulfilled the following qualifications for the selection of students eligible.

  • Eligibility to Apply,
  • From Grade 1 to Grade 05, the applicant should be a student with Competency Level of 50% or above.

From Grade 6 to Grade 11, the applicant should be a student obtained 1st – 20th Place in the Grades which he/she is studying, in accordance with the Year End Term Test held in 2023.

NB :- Students admitted to Grade 1 in the year 2024 and students to be appeared for the G.C.E. (O/L) Examination  – 2023 scheduled to be held in 2024 couldn’t apply for this scholarship programme.

  • He/ She should be a student in a government school.
  • The monthly income of the applicant’s family should not exceed Rs.100,000/-
  • This programme is scheduled to be implemented covering the existing 10,126 schools islandwide (Annual Census Report 2022 – Ministry of Education), and the maximum number of scholarships awarded per school (based on the number of students in each school) has been informed to the Principals. The bursary of 3,000.00 per month will be awarded to the scholars eligible for a maximum period of 12 months. 
  • Arrangements have been made to publish the relevant Application and the Instruction Sheet herewith and concurrently, the Principals of all the schools have been informed in this regard.
  • The duly completed application following the instructions should only be handed over to the Principal of the school where you study on or before 20.03.2024.