Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Should patient be the applicant?

No. A member of the family may apply on behalf of the patient. If there is no other member in the family a close relative may apply on his behalf.

From where could an application be obtained?

  1. From the web site of the President’s Fund (www.presidentsfund.gov.lk )
  2. By visiting the office of the President’s Fund
  3. By post (By a letter of request addressed to the President’s Fund)

Documents required for registration before the surgery/treatment

  1. Duly completed application forms
  2. Letter of recommendation issued by the consultant physician
  3. Cost estimate of hospital charges (An estimate from the institution that provides equipment for knees/hip has to be submitted.)
  4. Request of the patient or the applicant

Where is the office of the President’s Fund?

The office is located in Colombo Fort (See the road map in the web site for more details)

When should you visit the President’s Fund?

During 8.30 a.m-4.15 p.m of any working day

How to apply after a surgery is done ?

Request should be made within 60 days after the patent is discharged from the hospital (inclusive of weekends and public holidays)

What are the documents required to apply once the surgery is done/ treatment is administered?

  1. Recommendation of the consultant physician
  2. Duly completed application form
  3. Originals of the final bill issued by the hospital and receipts of the payments made
  4. A photocopy of the diagnosis card
  5. Letters issued by the doctor and the hospital

In whose name is the cheque issued when applied after the surgery is done/ treatment is administered? In applicant’s name or the patient’s name?

Cheque is issued in the name of the patient and it is posted to the address of the patient under registered cover.

Whether financial assistance could be sought for any surgery or treatment?

No. Financial assistance is granted principally for the following diseases

  1. Heart Surgeries
  2. Kidney Transplantation or Dialysis
  3. Brain Surgeries
  4. Cancer Treatment/drugs/Injections
  5. Bone Marrow Transplantation
  6. Hip/Knee/Shoulder/Elbow Replacements
  7. Cochlear Implant surgery
  8. Scoliosis
  9. Spinal Cord Compression
  10. Artificial Limb prosthesis
  11. Infusion Pump
  12. Liver Transplant
  13. Eye Surgery (Foreign Hospitals)
  14. Trans Arterial Chemoembolization-(TACE)
  15. Respiratory Equipment

At what stage is the letter of guaranty to the hospital issued?

If His Excellency the President’s approval is rendered for the surgery / treatment prior to such surgery is done or treatment administered the letter of guaranty is made available to the hospital or the Institution concerned on the exact date of admission to the hospital is provided to the President’s Fund.

In the case of cancer patients the letter of guaranty could be obtained 30 days after the patient is admitted to the hospital for treatment whereas in the case of other patients the letter of guaranty could be obtained 14 days before the surgery is done.

The guaranty letter can be obtained for the treatments of cancer patients 30 days prior to the admission to the hospital whereas for the others 14 days prior to the surgery.

How long will it take to make the payments after receipt of the voucher signed by the patient?

Cheques are issued according to the order of patients in the waiting list. However, this may take about two weeks

Who can receive the cheque in case the patient died or become immobilized?

A decision is taken after obtaining a comprehensive report along with the recommendation from the Divisional/District Secretary