Board of Governers

His Excellency the President
Honourable Prime Minister
Honourable Speaker
Honourable Leader of Opposition
Secretary to the President
Two members appointed by His Excellency the President

The President’s Fund is an institution incorporated the by the Act No.7 of 1978 of the parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.
This Fund was established with an initial capital of Rs.237, 120 contributed by donors at an inaugural ceremony held to mark the tenure of office of the incumbent President J.R.Jayewardene. The Fund is called the President’s Fund and the power to act in management of the Fund in terms of the provisions of the Act is vested in His Excellency the President. The Accounts of the President’s Fund are audited annually by the Auditor General.


Granting financial assistance to Sri Lankan citizens and of for such surgeries/medical treatments as were approved by the Board of Governors of the President’s Fund
Granting financial bursaries to children of low income families who have passed the G.C.E.(Ordinary Level)with distinctions in order for them to study for G.C.E. (Advanced Level)

The sources of income

Development Lotteries Board
Public Donations

Organizational Structure